Version 1.3.8 is here! 

📣Version 1.3.8 is here! 🎉
In addition to minor bugs fixed, here are some new add-ons😎
1. For repeat appointment editing, added “apply only to this one” / “apply to all” / “Apply to this and all following ones” options.
2. Increased “unconfirmed reminder auto message” dates to up to 7 days ahead.
3. Added “Inactive” status in client profile. So you won’t mistakenly add unwanted clients
4. Add Repeat renew reminder notification, so you will be notified when it’s your client’s last appointment in the repeat setting.
5. Added “Book again” button right after you checked out a ticket when the client doesn’t have upcoming appointment scheduled. If does, it shows the next appointment time, so you can confirm with your clients.
6. Added source of appointment to recognize if the appointment from “online booking”.

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Introducing MoeGo Smart Online Booking

Introducing MoeGo Smart Online Booking:
– Not just intake form, it gathers all necessary information and directly loads into the system;
– Won’t mess up with your schedule, it syncs with your MoeGo calendar with smart routing.
Save time, make more $$$.
A preview of how easy your client can book appointment with you👇

And set up tutorial guide here:

Introducing MoeGo Digital Agreement

Introducing MoeGo new feature: Digital Agreement. 
Time to update your service agreement and have your clients signed for the new year 2018. Say goodbye to paper and set up tutorial here:…/…/set-up-digital-agreement


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MoeGo – the smart assistant for pet groomers

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Every pet groomer deserves a scheduling assistant, and MoeGo is just created for that.

“Finally, there is an app ONLY made for mobile groomers!!!”

Visualize your appointments:
No more jump around your calendar, maps, copy, paste address…Now you can make it just in one place!

Smart scheduling system:
Sit back, we find you the best route based on your existing appointments. Less driving time, groom more pets.

Auto-text message & call reminder:
Less no-shows. Auto reminder helps to double confirm with your upcoming clients.

Nearby clients:
See all your clients on the map. Re-engage your inactive clients, fill more open appointments, more $$$

2-way message in the app:
We know message is extremely important to connect with your clients, so we build it in the app for you.

Smart notifications:
We will remind you when you have inactive clients, unconfirmed appointments etc.

Special note:
No more making mistakes, special notices pops up when you arrive at your client.

Easy set repeat for your loyal customers.

If you are a multi-vans owner, you can manage vans and appointments. Your employee will also have the account with limit access just for what needed.

No more paperwork, save all the agreements in one place.

Book online:
Let your clients book with you 24/7.

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