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Recently, one of our competitor friends has sent an email to their users, and claims that “MoeGo’s server is based in China, and it is insecure”. We appreciated that they paid so much attention on us, however, what they have talked about us is not true.

First of all, MoeGo’s parent company, Moement, Inc, is registered in Delaware, United States, and operating in California. Our server is always based in the US, and now we use Amazon AWS, which is the most well-known and reliable cloud server on this planet. We used distributed server to ensure the security and stability of our software. Simply put, if one server is down due to regional issues, we will have back-up server in other regions to take over the server operation, and thus to avoid disruption of user experience. we are planning to deploy servers in other countries since we have users growing globally, and China is one of them, that’s why we have server in China.


MoeGo team is consists of the best engineers from companies like Google, Amazon, and Adobe with proven track record of building the best software for hundreds of millions of users across the country, we strive to be the best, and we welcome any suggestions or challenges, since we will improve ourselves faster than anyone in this field, and thus we can keep benefiting our users more.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 2.32.15 PM

Secondly, our “friend” may have listed a page to compare the loading speed of web domain between MoeGo and its website. unfortunately, the page they posted was irrelevant to our software user experience. For MoeGo, the website speed doesn’t represent our app speed. We separate web app, mobile app, and website in different domains and servers to ensure safety for our users. Additionally, all our data are encrypted securely and protected by firewall. Even more, we have paid additional fees for back-up servers to make sure our user data will always have real-time back-ups. Therefore, if, by any chance, the main server crashes, we’ve already had data fully backed up. We could just not do this because our users won’t know it, but user data safety is the top one priority for us so we would do anything we can do to protect our users.

This is our web app API SSL test result, which is separate from our website (it proves again that the speed of our website is irrelevant to our app user experience)


3rd, our “friend” may have also pasted a SSL testing result page in it’s email. we appreciated that they mentioned this up, and we’ve upgraded our SSL certificate, I think MoeGo is even more securer than their server now (MoeGo is A+, their SSL test result is A). Our server was safe, but we don’t want to make our user feel insecure. So we think what they brought up really worth our attention. We are not perfect, but we take advice and improve quickly, as long as it benefits our users. And we execute hard to prove that.

MoeGo SSL Test Result:


We highly encourage our competitor friend to spend more energy and time to learn why your users would like to switch to other software and improve on it, instead of wasting time on attacking other players. Healthy competition is always more than welcomed because it encourages everyone in the space to improve. In the end of the day, the most important thing is always that we keep creating values to our groomer users.

If you have any other question after reading this post, feel free to contact us, you can always reach us by:

We are always be there with you.


MoeGo Team with ❤️




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